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Multiplika’s founders Magena Bonifasi (graduated from Parsons The New School in Fashion Design) and Maria Eugenia Bonifasi are mother and daughter with the same vision of aiding women in Guatemala. The pair decided to use their country’s handcrafted beauties to create a project together—one that combined Magena’s beautiful designs and their common beliefs of social impact, focusing primarily on the education and empowerment of women. It all began 4 years ago when they went to the local market (Mercado Central) and spotted the traditional handwoven plastic totes. Eager by the shinning colors and steady construction of the bags decided to learn more about the techniques and the community who made them. 


The first collection was made by a community in Antigua Guatemala, where the women were experts in making bags. Since then, Maria Eugenia and Magena have continued to expand into other communities by training and teaching the women and making them professional on how to make the bags. Currently, they empower 30 women in 3 different communities and have 10 different designs—extending from crossover bags to traveling totes. 

Our core values that define Multiplika are empowering women, cultivating consciousness, and social impact. 


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